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Diabetes and Sepsis

Diabetes and Sepsis

Diabetes is one of the most prevalent conditions in the United States, with the Sepsis Alliance claiming that nearly 10% of the population of the country suffers from it. Caregivers working in an in-home care agency are likely to encounter clients who are diabetics and have special needs that should be considered in their care program.

This disease is also one of the deadliest diseases known to man because it can result in complications that can be crippling or, worse, fatal when left unattended. For example, diabetes can lead to sepsis— the state in which the body experiences a widespread infection that triggers its most extreme survival reaction, which is to shut itself down.

If you’re a caregiver rendering non-medical home care services in Park Ridge, Illinois, it’s important that you understand the link between diabetes and sepsis. The connection between these two lies in the body’s ability to fight off infection. It’s known that diabetics have weak immune systems; in fact, one of the signs of diabetes and prediabetes is a slower rate of healing for wounds.

If the body’s immune reaction is weak enough for the infection, particularly bacterial infections, to spread from one local area to another part of the body, sepsis could occur. If the infection is left unchecked, it could worsen until sepsis or septic shock will occur.

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