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Barriers to Seniors’ Hygiene and How to Overcome Them

Barriers to Seniors' Hygiene and How to Overcome Them

Practicing good personal hygiene is important at any age but is more crucial for seniors. However, advancing age can make it challenging for seniors to practice good hygiene. That is why many families hire non-medical home care services in Park Ridge, Illinois to promote good hygiene at home.

Likewise, here are some barriers that prevent seniors from practicing good hygiene:

  • Dulling Senses
    As we get older, our senses will not be as sharp as they used to be. While body odor, stains, or an unkempt appearance may not be immediately obvious to a senior loved one, you can immediately take notice.
  • Vision Loss or Impaired Mobility
    Poor vision and challenges with mobility are common in advanced age. These can make it difficult for seniors to perform daily personal care tasks. Moreover, vision loss or impaired mobility also puts their health and safety at risk.
  • Fear or Discomfort
    In some cases, seniors might refuse to bathe due to fear or discomfort in using the bathroom, especially if a senior recently experienced a bad fall that led to an injury.

To address hygiene issues, it’s important to determine the cause of your loved ones’ poor hygiene. Although it is a difficult conversation to have, it is a necessary one. Opening up your concerns will help bring these issues to light and get them the help they need.

In addition to seeking help from an in-home care agency, it helps to make adjustments at home. Consider improving the lighting in the bathroom, placing non-slip mats, and installing assistive devices such as bath chairs or grab bars in the shower.

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